Piano with Abbygayle

At my studio, I am committed to inspiring and celebrating growth in my students each week. I offer lessons in person at my home in Berkeley for children ages 4-18, and zoom lessons for adults looking to learn. I strongly believe in tailoring lessons to align with each students personal interests and talents, ensuring they achieve their musical goals. My personalized instruction provides a comprehensive approach, covering a range of areas such as note-reading, instrument technique, music theory, and music history.

Headshot of Abbygayle at the piano
Overshot of Abbygayle's hands playing this piano

Student Showcase

Throughout my teaching career, my students have successfully participated in events by the Music Teacher's Association of California. I am a member of the San Francisco branch board, and am an active participate in branch events. Events include state exams (Certificate of Merit), the Annual Branch Festival, recitals, & masterclasses.

My 10 year old student performing "Soaring," by Jennifer Lin, at MTAC's San Franisco Branch Festival.

My 5 year old student performing "I Love Coffee, I Love Tea," arranged by Carolyn and Bernard Shaak, from memory!